Living the life I live

Ugh vague title I know but really that’s just the life I’m living right now.  It’s like I just try to get from one day to the next without breaking down or falling apart.

Finally got to see my dad over Thanksgiving weekend and honestly he looks good and horrible all at the same time.  If you didn’t know him as he was before getting sick and starting chemo he just looks like a tall lanky old man, but really he is a tall man who has lost over 50-60 pounds from his chemo, is losing what little hair he did have left and is looking like he has aged about 10 years since I saw him in June.  When I walked into the house it took everything in me not to breakdown and cry.  Thankfully my brother just bought a new house with a lot of space so that my father could move in with him.  So at least I know he’s not alone in the middle of nowhere anymore.  He’s still 4-5 hours away from me but that’s at least 2 hours closer than he was before.  We will be going back up to see them again at Christmas and hopefully by then his system will have adapted a little better to the chemo and he can start putting some of the weight back on.

For some stupid reason I thought it would be a good idea to take an online course to start building some credits towards some kind of degree later on.  Well I am failing it miserably I’m sure.  I’ve only done my first assignment which I just passed and my second one is due at the end of the month and yet I am so lost and far off from being done I don’t know what to do.

The kids are both doing well at least.  The new ringette season has started for our daughter so that is keeping us crazy busy.  Practices or games every Saturday and Sunday plus speed skating every Wednesday.  Next year will be crazy once T is old enough to play hockey too.  He is just itching to get onto the ice.  We take them both to the free skating on Friday evenings just to help M improve and to try and get T used to be on the ice so it’s not a complete shock to him next year.

So there you have it.  A quick update on my life right now.  Your turn, I don’t have the time to go through the last month or two of my dash so update me on all of you.  How are all those beautiful babies and/or any new luck in the baby journey?